Saturday, 14 January 2017

Essencial Youtube Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know

Recently i wrote an article on Gmail tricks and Tips and Google search Filters. And today i am going to share youtube tricks and tips with you. Youtube is world 2nd largest google source.It has more viewers, Meanwhile it is one of the source to get information on everything.That's why every youtube user should know these tricks to get knowledge on youtube.So these are tips i am placing below.....


K --  Pause and Play
 -- Backward
L -- Forward
M -- Mute

1-9---- Jump video in percentages like 1--10%, 9--90%.
0  ---- From beginning video


Use "gif" in front of any url of youtube. It allows you to edit that particular video from gif source. This gif gives many more edit options which is useful of every video-editor.This image will assist you in this regard

Tricks on youtube


Use # in google search bar in order to get details of your favorite star. If you want to know full details of any favorite celebrity like Youtube channel, Facebook Profile, Twitter Profile and many more, need to use # before of their names. And this example for you.....

Google Tricks and tips


This is a google chrome extension which overlays lyrics on running youtube video songs, It has 7 million lyrics on 32 different type of languages.


At the top right a autoplay button appears, It indicates whether you want play songs automatically one by one or want to stop autoplay.

Youtube autoplay button

6) Youtube testtube FOR LATEST VERSION

Youtube testtube is update version for youtube. So better to install it for more high quality videos.



Download the youtube app in our TV, then sign up into the Then open youtube app which has installed in your TV and open settings, And pair devices, and enter the code into from your TV youtube app settings.

If this settings has finished, that means your able to see youtube videos in your smart TV over Wi-Fi.

youtube pair device


Right corner in the menu bar there is an option which allows us to see liked videos later on.

youtube tricks

And alternative is to search any video in the youtube search bar. And when videos are displayed you'll see videos like below image. There is an option which is indicated by three dots and click on that dots, WATCH LATER option displays like below image and click on that.


This app is specially assigned for kids who are interested in gaming and it's alternative subjects. then get it in google play store..


If your youtube videos are playing so lately. This trick works to get up boost quickly. Go to , Then choose I have slow connection, Never play high quality videos

And also go to your history and clean your watching history.


  • Add channel, Playlist in the search bar For Channel
  • Add HD,3D to get related results.


Peggo is a website that tracks MP3 sounds from video songs.

peggo website

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tips To Access Google Adsense Approval

Recently i wrote one of my best article on How to earn money online using Blogging. After few days, i am writing an article in regarding how to get google adsense approval. I know that so many of you, facing great troubles on getting approval from adsense. That's why my mind intended me to write this article in order to assist some of you who facing problems on Google adsense. . So let's have a look towards this article.

If you didn't get approval from google adsense after reading this article. Let me do it for you. I will make it with free of cost. Because i want assist you. Meanwhile i will get more knowledge on google adsense. So go to contact page and send your blog URL. I will make it for you free. 


#1. Content

If you have doubt on why i chose this Content as first tip. Because Content plays key roll in order to get approval from Google adsense. He gives first priority on what you have written who sees your blog. That's why try to write high quality content. And take assistance from Google keyword planner to get keywords. And write unique content. It should be in the manner  that anyone can understand easily. Apart from getting approval, it also helps you to bring your blog  top rank in SEO.

#2.Template Design

If Content would be KING of the blog. Then the Template design will be Queen of Blog.The first impression of viewer gives more results than what you have expected from them. Search for an attractive and responsive temple in google, you will get more No.of template. Choose the best and good looking one . And that template should not have more brightness because more brightened colors effects viewer eyes worsely . So that he never see back your website/blog again.

Use appropriate Navigation bar. And let viewers known what they want to search in your blog.Navigation bar and menu bar also one of the most important components in the view of google adsense.

And also google doesn't encourage that blogs/websites which doesn't have impressive design. So eventually what i am trying to say is maintain good design for blog/website, So that you will get approval from google adsense easily and with in short period of time.


After Content and Template design, The no.of articles and article composition has more priority. Some of the tips to get awareness about articles.

  1. There is no minimum limitations for articles that you should have to keep in your blog . Some bloggers got approval from adsense even they had 3-4 posts in their blogs. But these are more less chances. So according to my experience 15-20 Posts are minimum posts that you should have in your blog.
  2. While you are writing an articles, maintain minimum words.That means articles should have 450-550 words in it.
  3. IMAGE: Use 1/2 images for every article. Because images gives a good looking impression for each and every post.

#4.Remove Ads From Blog.

If you are running any affiliate marketing through your blog. And you are thinking to sign up for google adsense.Before going to sign up for google adsense, Remove all banners and/or ads from your blog which are provided by affiliate marketing company like amazon, flipkart. Bacause google don't like to be these banners or ads in your blog. If you have these ads. So better to remove those ads and banners.

#5. 3 Pages Must And Should 

In order to get approval, Our blog/website must and should have 3 pages which are  ABOUT US, CONTACT US, PRIVACY POLICY. If you want to check whether there is any these pages are available in any website, you can go ahead, and check once. Definitely you will notice that every website and blog had these pages in itselfs. So i hope now you understood what the importance of these pages. So don't show negligence in creating these pages.

Privacy policy page describes what your blog about. And you can create  ABOUT US, CONTACT US on your own. But some of us, they are unable to create PRIVACY POLICY page themselves.So for that kind people we have a wonderful souces in internet. Search for privacy policy generator in internet, you will meet so many website which helps you to create your website/blog privacy policy page. And they will ask you few question about your blog. Give them answer and collect your privacy policy page.

Some Rumours  

Some rumours are making us confusing on every topic. So i am giving conclusion for every rumour.

  • 6 months period time. You can apply for adsense for 15 days also. But make sure that your blog has enough content before going to apply.
  • About visitors....You can apply even if you don't have 20 visitors per day also. I got approval when my viewers are 700.

I hope these tips are enough to gain knowledge on things you have to do before going to sign up for google adsense. And if you have any doubts or any comments let me know. And definitely i will reply you.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How To Earn Money From Internet & Blogging

There are so many Websites and Blogs which tells about how to earn money through internet. But indeed is no article is sure to get money genuinely.Like Clixsence, So many websites are available which tells you one and actually happens one. Money earning through over internet is a Great idea. But before to think that, Make sure that do you have any sort of skills to do it.Don't forget it "NO SKILLS NO MONEY". If you are thinking to earn money over internet, Your first think should be on learning skills. And now here i am giving you one of the worlds most popular platform which pays genuinely. But one should have certain skills who wants to do it.And i am not here to waste your time. But definitely you will get money as well as fame, if you do.

If you aren't interested to do it.For Indians  DIGITIZE INDIAN GOVT WEBSITE which pays genuinely. I have tried it. I earned 5-6 thousand rupees per month.

Blogging and money

$$ Blogging $$

Blogging is a wonderful platform where you can show your passion and earn money alike.(Blog is to wright article on your own subject like bike,car,tech) As i said,Blog generates lot of money either it might be 4 digits amount or 5/6 too. And the capability of Earning money is rely on blog viewers. Blog is google related source and free platform. And the revenue also google pays you. But in order to gain these benefits you have to do some job which helps you to promote your strategy.
Wordpress is more powerful platform than blogger. But as a beginner you have do experiments on blogger in order to gain knowledge on blogging. afterwards you can create and spread your ideology though wordpress.

These are steps. i am placing here below one by one.

#1.Create Your Own Blog 

Blogging is available on ENGLISH and HINDI languages. For the first time when you want to move ahead, It's important to create a blog.To create it. Go to google search, google for And google introduce you blogger platform. So to access in it, gmail will assist you. Because blogger also one of the google product. So click on Sign in, then enter your gmail and log into blogger official website. Then click on Create a new blog. And it asks you to create title and Address domain name (Domain nothing but URL, And choose a basic template which gives simple look to your blog.

#2. Bring SEO & RESPONSIVE template

SEO search engine optimization. it is a google robot which evaluate the quality of website or blog and bring top rank in google search.And it's evaluation depends on 200 aspects like Backlinks, H1 tags, Alt img like so many. Don't go deeply when your at beginning stage. It might be too risky to you understand. If you want to know what they are, SEO QUACK will helps you to calculate these aspects, as i said above.Responsive template resembles drinking water. For instance, if we pour water in any equipment or any bowl, it adjusts it's size itself. Alike water, responsive templates also flexible for any devices like computer and Tablet or Mobile.

 Bring a seo and responsive template from any website (search in google for SEO TEMPLATES) And download, copy HTML as shown in below image and paste it on Template -- Edit HTML -- paste whole area.

How to earn money internet

#3. Write Article

This job what we have to do here. Write article on your own. And never copy article from anywhere. Because google is very wide search engine. It can simply and easily figure out your errors. And never try to fool google with your mistakes.

Article parameters

  • Choose your favorite topic and write article about on it.
  • Article structure should be simple and impressive. And never try to copy.
  • 450-550 words are should be in one article. Should not be less than what i said.
  • Unique content. Some worst tip for newbies " Read any article which you feel good about. and understand what actually it is. and write in your terms." and this is not a spam. To become an adsense(source of income) publisher, there is no wrong in it.but afterwards find your own way.
  • Use some images which gives good attraction to your article.
  • And keep at least 15-20 article in your blogs before going to apply for google adsnece.
#4. Use Social Media Resource

For the first time when you create your own blog and writing some article on it. Nobody knows about your blog. You have introduce them your blog about through the social media like facebook and twitter. Create your own page and let welcome them in your page. Gradually your blog becomes brand and also it's viewers also increases by time. And everyone come to know what you are. Social media is a strong base for any website or blog. So never let it go.

#5. Google Adsense

After completing of the process which i have said above, Then the next step would be Google adsense. The source where you will get money genuinely. Google adsense is a publisher which gives ads to it's publishers. That means it takes some ads from some companies in order to campaign their company brand. And it placed that ads in your blog, if your blog will be qualified for adsense only. So to get approval from adsense we have to do follow some instructions.

These are only basic steps towards get money from google adsense. And i'll come with a article of google adsense in few days. I hope you all are enjoyed with this article. If you have any doubts or any comments or any suggestions pls give a comment. So that we will bring some more information as per your requirements.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

HTTrack Converts Online Websites to Offline Websites

HTTrack website copier is a software which converts online websites into offline websites. And  it keeps in offline condition at our Computers Hard-disk. Actually HTTrack  downloads websites through the internet. And it doesn't have any limitation conditions to offline any website.we can offline any web-file with irrespective to the it's size .It doesn't mean that we can offline any website by HTTrack. In order to download and save website files, we should keep certain limitation size web files. It means we could download and offline certain web file which has  limited size. Even if we want offline Google, Yahoo, Bing, these type of search engines also we can get . But we don't have enough storage capacity in our PC's to make them offline . So eventually this software is usable to make online websites to offline.
Now let's have a look towards installation and process to use.


How To Install.....

After clicking on above link, You meet a HTTrack official webpage Like below image. According to your Platform you are able to download adequate latest software on your platform behavior. That mean's if your  OS is Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Then your able to download httrack 3.48.22exe as shown below image. And Click on download link (httrack 3.48.22exe). It downloads by itself in few minutes.

After downloading of HTTrack, Click on downloaded File to install it. And now press NEXT - I ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT, and Keep on Clicking  on Next until when it's installation Finished.And at last click on Finish to complete the process.

Guide To Use....

When you open for the first time, it asks you to choose Language preference. Let it be on default language (English) and click on OK.

Now you are at actual HTTrack Software main work area where you can make online websites to offline. And the structure of the Page is like below image. Choose any title for which website you want to make offline and give a project category. Then choose a path where you want to save that offline website.


 Then the second Page appears Like below image. Just paste the URL of website which you want to make offline. and click on Next. It will takes several minutes to make offline of that particular website. And the time is depends up on the Size of the website. Once the downloaded was completed that means you can use that particular website in offline without having any internet resources.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Greater Tricks On Gmail Works Effectively

Gmail is nothing but Google Mail. Every google user ought to have google account in order to obtain sources from Google. Basically So many Gmail users don't know how to filter Gmail as per their convenient. Thus i am placing some essential tips and tricks on Gmail to know how to use it in proper way. So that easy to use as well as easy to handle account.

Gmail tricks and tips

#1 Unsubscribe Unwanted Subscriptions 

Some times accidentally or unknowingly we accepts subscription of some Websites and/or Blogs. From that day onward, we are on getting unnecessary or unwanted gmail to our gmail account. There is a one choice in gmail to get rid of from those subscribed accounts. 

open gmail which you got from those unwanted subscribed account. There is an unsubscribe button appears next to the sender address.By clicking on it, you will become unsubscriber from that gmail. And never comes any gmail from that account again. OR search for UNSUBSCRIBE in the search bar you will get all subscribed accounts which your have in your gmail account.Then unsubscribe which account you don't want to.

Gmail unsubscribe account

#2 What If Someone Eyeing Your Gmail

If you have any suspicion on someone Eyeing your Gmail and you don't know how to know it.Here one trick that reveals about if anyone try to know your gmail account without your permission. Go to gmail Inbox, There is an anchor text "LAST ACCOUNT ACTIVITY", at completely bottom right corner. It determine when you log out your gmail account lastly. And it's below, another anchor text "DETAIL" shows full details about your gmail account history. Through the help of it, You can easily estimate that whether has anyone hacked your gmail or not. 

#3 Make Gmail Inbox By Priority

Sometimes Gmail inbox was fully messed by unnecessary and unwanted gmail. To sweep out mess from your inbox, There is an option which divides inbox in Five departments as per our requirements.And also these requirements are depends up on our Necessity whether if you want to make it shorter by 3/2 departments or more.
          Before to do that make sure that whether you have activated all 5 tabs or not(which are Privacy,Social,Promotion,Updates,Forums). If not, Go to gear icon (Top right corner) and click on Configure inbox And select all tabs 5 together.Afterwards Go to settings and click on settings choose inbox tab and select Priority Inbox. Then  a page will appears like below image with five sections as important and Everything else. You are able to change the section as per your custom requirements. Change the settings according to your knowledge and Click on save Changes.

Gmail tricks and tips

Make Separation

After completing of above process your inbox will display like below image. Now we have to make separate from one another. as shown in below image, if you want to bring any gmail message in important section click on where the location (Circle) was shown in below image. As i said, I have been changed my necessary gmail contacts in Important section by Clicking on where i said before.

Google gmail

#4 Read Gmail Offline 

Google extension will helps you to make Gmail offline. There is an extension in Google chrome called Gmail Offline it is convert your online messages to offline. you need to add this extension to your Google chrome.
                        Go to setting and Choose offline tab and click on Gmail offline.Let add this extension to your google chrome. And choose offline gmail option when you open for the first time.

#5 Keyboard Shortcuts 

To know the shortcuts of Gmail, Go to settings (Gear icon), KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS On/Off radio button  will appears their in default tab. Click on KEYBOARD SHORDCUTS ON.

Some Of Shortcut Keyboards 

  • j for older messages 
  • k for newest messages 
  • e for Archive 
  • Shift + # for Trash
  • / for search bar

#6 Convert Icon Buttons Into Text

Text buttons are more comfortable and easiest thing rather than Icon buttons. So to convert it, need to go  settings (gear icon). And there is a option Button labels, Choose Text radio button in order to obtain Text icons. Then icons will appears like below images.

button icon

Text icon

Sunday, 25 December 2016

DIGITIZE Govt Platform Way To Make Money Online

Everyone wants to earn money for survive.Generally in some of us they don't have sufficient money for their daily life. But most of the people they wanted to work themselves. Thus i am introducing a government trusted website which will pay you genuinely. This is  for who want to work for Part-time job as well as full-time depends on our time. website where you can earn money and which is established by government of India. Approximately you can earn money up to Rs4500-Rs7500 per monthly.Even more money you can earn from here. It is depends up on your capacity and patience.
         Other than  laptops or PCs  we can use mobile application also.


Without any skills, you are able to do job here.By entering data, you can earn money.That means this website gives some  codes to you. you have to enter the data which is already exist in  code.  After completing your job, you are able to check your  typing speed and how many  codes are entered by you. And they will take 24 hours time to process your data into Rewards (points). Until 24 hours you won't get any information on your Rewards as well as your skill levels (typing speed. accuracy).Through the Rewards you can withdrawal Rewarded points to money.Otherwise you can donate points to website.They will supply some gifts you for donating Rewarded points.Generally no one wants to donate their points to website. And one most important point for you that you can only withdrawal your money once in a month. 

  GO TO -- WORK-SPACE -- CLICK ON LOAD WORK. Then a page will appear like below image.



1) Should have a bank account with linked Aadhar card.
2) Should have a PAN CARD.  


Firstly it is possible when you will get 2500 redeem points.Then Make sure that your bank account was linked with your aadhar card or not.If not do it first because it is necessary to do.If your bank account was already linked with aadhar card, Go to the Bank Profile which is under (drop-down) the MY ACCOUNT button. Then a button will appear like UPDATE BANK DETAILS. Hit on it, and it will automatically connects with your bank account.

Then go to the TRANSACTION PIN which is same at under the MY ACCOUNT button. After clicking, it will ask you to GENERATE OTP. Hit on it, and enter your mobile number. After few minutes a message will comes to your mobile. By entering the code (look at your mobile message), You can generate your OTP(Enter any number and remind it).

After that go to the Rewards Menu. From here you can withdrawal your money.Select the button "REDEEM YOUR POINTS". It will ask you to  whether you want to redeem your points or donate to the website. Click on "I WANT TO REDEEM MY POINTS".After that choose your points that how much want you to redeem. and enter any remarks (as your wish).Now it will ask you for the WALLET PIN NO. that means your TRANSACTION PIN NO. enter the pin number. By doing this process, you can withdrawal your redeem points into money.But remind it, During this process it will take a long time like 1 or 2 days even more.


For each one, you will get 5 redeem points. If you get 2500 points, you will get 50 Indian Rupees.That means you have to be enter at-least 500  codes.May be This is difficult to some persons. Let me simplify it.

500 codes = 50 Rupees
1000 codes = 100 Rupees

Easily everyone can type 1500 codes codes per day. That means per month we get up to 4500 Rupee.If you are interested to do, Easily you can type 2000 Codes per day. That is you will get  6000 Rupees per month.I am telling you this with my own experience. Definitely  you will get this amount. For awareness, i am showing you  MY ACCOUNT.


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

DNS-Angel Protects Your Child From Pornography

     Internet is a word that no need to explain about it. Most of people life is associated with internet. And internet is a very good source to obtain whatever we want. Meanwhile it uncensored and unsecured from porn. Pornography is a banished word in dictionary.But if i want to say fact, there are some crore of people who are watching regularly Even they are old citizens or children. that is the reason behind the secrete of creating thousand of pornography websites Everyday newly.We can't say that this is a wrong way that we destroying our life on ourselves. Because this is alternatively helps us to keep calm who has certain age to watch it.Eventually what i am trying to say is "These pornography website or videos making a bad vision on children who are not able to watch it. For that, i brought a software which restrict pornography websites from your internet. "



Here  i am keeping a link to download this software. Through it You are able to download this software and use it to let your children out from it's.

Process To Install DNS-Angel

  By clicking on above link(DNS-Angel), It leads you to the new window where you get software. And you are able to see demonstration and description of the software. And now if you want to download this software download it through clicking on DOWNLOAD button at below of demonstration. As you downloaded this software, you have to do unzip the folder to install it.Because this software is available only in ZIP file. After that click double on the software file. As you clicked on it it shows you a window that consist of 6 options with in. First of four options are about to block porn websites And the remain 2 options are about unblock porn websites.If you want to Block porn website select any one of four. And to unblock choose any one of two. Then close window and try it for once to check whether it's working or not.

And i knew that there are so many software are existed to restrict porn videos from internet. But i hope this would be the greatest software among all.

Parents are should take care of children physically and mentally. Else you would be the one who ruined your children life. And I can make sure that this software protects your internet from PORNOGRAPHY websites.And to make children porn-free let keep it in your system.

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